The Royal Wedding

My 1st Impression is WoW!! 
It's AWESOME!! Beautiful Event..Perfect Couple! and Sweet Moment (:

My BIG congratulations go out to Prince William and Kate Middleton on there Royal wedding.
Wishing them both a lifetime of happiness together 
Under cool, gray skies billions watched from outside Westminster Abbey and on television worldwide as 1900 invited guests inside witnessed as Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton were married in one of the largest events in London in decades. A little over an hour after they arrived at the Abbey to be married, the couple emerged on a red carpet and onto the streets to a peal of bells and into a horse-drawn carriage, heading toward Buckingham Palace. The prince had married what the British call a commoner; now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (titles granted by Queen Elizabeth II). The couple stepped out onto a balcony a short time later to greet the enormous crowd along the Mall - a tradition at royal weddings. They kissed for the first time in public as a married couple as a cheer went up from the crowd.- The Big Picture

Ako nk aduk kn sikit la dalam BM..HeHeHe
KadanG2 ako Tak berapa Confident with My, Better ako write in Malay La..
Bila Tahu psal THe ROYAL WEDDING Nie..ako Memang Tak nak Terlepas tengok..
Kat Office ako Try jugak cari web yang wat Live screaming..Last2 Jumpa kt Sky News HeHeHe..

Prince Willian and His wife Kate Middleton nampak sangat AWESOME!! Seriously Im Jealous..HuHuHu
Bab2!! Prince nie ako pantang sikit..Ako memang dah "Gila" Hahaha..
Ibarat menunggu "kucing berkokok" hehehe...
Tapi Tak Pela..walaupun itu satu ANGAN2..make sure Im Happy and I Enjoyed my Life. Tp Tak Mustahil kan..Kot2 dapat Kawin dengan True PRINCESS. :p
Rasa bila menonton Live Event tue..ako Layan habis..Banyak yang kita tahu tentang Istiadat orang Putih nie..
sungguh Beradab dan penuh Disiplin..It's GREAT!! ^_*

This song I'm dedicate Both of u Prince William and Kate Middleton
From This Moment on - Shania Twain


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